🐱 WHY Does My Cat WANT Me To WATCH Him EAT? (Hidden Truths…)

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Your cat wants you to watch him eat his food and you are just sitting there. I can imagine what you are thinking, but wait, do you know

Jim Davis said, “Cats rule the world.”

…And we cannot disagree!

If you have a cat and it has been around for a while, you would know how bossy they get sometimes. From the food to bedding and having attention from you, the cats make sure that everything is according to their choice and preference.

They might be the cutest pet you have seen at one moment, and the other moment could be horrendous. While keeping any pet, we must understand that every pet has its own needs, and cats are unique in their own beautiful way.

Cats want you to watch them as they eat because they have become used to it, and feel safe. Additionally, they also like to be petted while they are eating. This is considered normal for cats and is not alarming.

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Cats love you and demand the same from you. Licking and wanting you near them is their way of showing affection. It is a natural behavior that almost all cats possess, making them absolutely lovable. Many cats also want their pet parents to stay near them when they eat. There can be numerous reasons for this behavior, including the attachment for you that makes them crave your presence around them.

Cats are quite fond of eating, and they own the rules when it comes to feeding. Like many other pets, some cats do not like to be disturbed with anybody’s presence. Not everyone wants someone looking at them while eating, right!

Yet, some cats feel more protected having their pet parents around them. They think their owners are a human shield against anyone who tries to attack them in this vulnerable position or snatch their food.

A few videos have been circulating on the internet where people place objects behind their feeding cats. Finding something behind them suddenly seems to be a potential threat and terrifies them. What might seem a mere joke at first, can result in life-long trauma for the cats, and they might not trust you after that happens.

Cats trust their owners to choose a safe place for them, and they get startled when you crack these kinds of terrifying jokes on them. We must ensure a safe environment for the cats to enjoy their meal without any trouble.

Why does my cat want me to watch him eat?

Cats are lovely fluffy balls of fur that love to play around with their owners. Cats are among those animals who like the presence of people around them other than being isolated. Just like they long for attention while playing or roaming around the house, they also want their pet parents to stay around them while having food. It is comparatively more common among cats that have just been adopted or have been seeing this happen for a long time.

Other than a few cats, many love to have their owners around them. Essentially, your cat might not eat unless you’re watching him for the same reason.

Your cat might be behaving like this for one reason or another, but there could be several factors to act so. Some of the causes of your cat wishing for you to follow him while eating include:

· Your Past Habits

Do you remember when you first brought your cat home when she was a little kitten?

The dynamic of your relationship with your cat would not be the same as it was initially. When you bring a cat home, they do not adapt to the new atmosphere very quickly. Along with taking time to feel at home, they do not eat food as soon as they are served.

Like any other being, cats are also aware of their surroundings and take extra care while eating from strangers. You might experience this a few times till your cat starts to feel you as a friendly presence around.

To make our cat comfortable, we usually stand near him while he has food to ensure that we won’t harm. This allows them to eat restfully without having to worry about the presence of any prey around them. With time, the cats learn this behavior and demand your presence around them.

Some cat owners also report that their cats scream and squeal to get their attention if they are away. This behavior is not very appreciated but your presence helps to keep your cat comfortable.

· They feel protected

While animals have food, they usually want to concentrate on their food instead of watching around for any possible threats. When cats are enjoying their meals, they feel vulnerable to any kind of harm as their relaxed sitting style might allow a predator to attack and harm them.

The cat may get anxious if any of your family members or friends (unknown to the cat) try to feed him. This is due to an unknown voice and feels that the cats do not recognize and run away to save themselves. The cat might scream to signal you to keep them or have you around them.

It is better in such a situation to respond to your cat as soon as possible to calm her. Continuous screaming and the presence of unknown people can cause trauma to the cat.

· You’re the cat-momma!

Sometimes, all you need in life is love and cat.

But, if you have a cat, love comes to you itself in the form of this little fur baby.

Animals are said to have a great bond with their mothers, especially those like cats and ducks, who have an affinity towards their mothers. Their affection is expressive, and they love to show it.

When you adopt a little kitten and care for it, it gets attached to you and feels like his mother. Sweet it is!

Should you pet a cat while eating?

Having a bond with a human is similar to having to having a relationship with their mother on receiving the same amount of care from them. They stick around you and appreciate your presence when you nurture a cat and keep it with gentleness. Petting them can help but only if you notice your cat is comfortable with it.

This kind of behavior of cats looking for you to stay around them while they have food is not problematic. Unlike other situations, cats do not feel uncomfortable in your absence, yet enjoy it while you are around them.

· They like to be pet

Cats are friendly animals that like to be the center of attention around the people they love. As we already talked about how cats feel vulnerable to the environment while eating. It gives you an opportunity to be friends with fierce cats that do not like to be around people much. Feeding is a great time to bond well with their owners and be treated with love and care.

· It’s natural to want you to walk them to their food

Yes, it is simple that cats are just like that – loving, friendly, and attention-seeking. Cats do not sometimes need a reason to act clingy and need your presence near them all the time. Cats are usually social than many other animals, making them a favorite pet and quite easy to handle. If your cat loves to play with balls and wool and want you to walk them to their food, don’t worry! It’s their nature, and they are going to stay like this to make you smile every day.

Is it normal for cats to want your presence while eating?

The answer can be a YES if we talk about the general scenarios when cats only require the reassurance of care and attention.

However, if the situation prevails, you must take your pet to a vet for proper evaluation.

In some cases, cats react to it in a worse way and stop eating. The lack of food can lead to serious liver diseases in cats, as cats cannot live on stored fats for a long time. This condition affects the liver due to the deposition of fats for the long term.

Why do cats stop eating?

As much as cats love food, they sometimes tend to run away from it. It can have multiple underlying choices, out of which being picky about the presented food is the most common. Though if your cat refuses any food offered to him for more than 24 hours, it is better to take your cat to a vet.

The cat might be having any psychological issues with the possibility of any reaction due to vaccination or medication. These causes cannot be ruled out by guesses only, and a proper examination of your pet by the vet is crucial.

How to make a cat eat?

If your cat has given up eating due to psychological reasons, you can help him by several means. If your cat rejects food repeatedly, try to change the pattern of your cats feeding or offer him different food. Moreover, cats in such conditions must be handled with more care and fed gently to ensure that he is taking at least some food.

What if you cannot follow him every time your cat is eating?

Numerous times we are so busy in our routines that we do not have enough to stand by our cats till they finish their food. Vets appreciate when owners fulfill the psychological needs of their cats and stay near them while they eat. Yet, if it is inevitable for you not to keep near your cat, experts have a trick.

Cats usually want someone to be around them as a sense of security and protection while they eat food. Instead of vanishing from their sight suddenly, you should do it gradually.

Stand at a distance and watch your cat while he is eating food and increase the distance in a few days to not terrify your cat. If it is just your cat’s natural behavior, it is expected that he might not feel your absence after a few days.


Our felines might just be needing our attention, and this will be the main reason why they want us to watch them eat, drink or follow them to their food bowls. Moreover, don’t forget that such behavior of your cat can be a sign of his love and commitment to you as an owner.

If, in any case, you are sure this is not the reason, it will be best not to rely on assumptions and visit a professional to rule out any behavioral issues.

Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the fact that all cats are undeniably adorable, and their presence around us makes our days even better!

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