馃惐 [EXPLAINED] WHY Do Cats STARE At The Wall?

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Reasons behind a chilling cat stare that might be nothing or everything!

Why Do Cats Stare At The Wall

Cats are frisky, inquisitive, funny, and they are undoubtedly great companions for pet owners. They like being energetic and active but as much as they seem to know what they are doing, there are times when they are seen doing baffling things. Like, for example, staring at a wall for no reason. Oftentimes, cat owners are bound to get worried when they see their precious fur-balls staring at the wall, enthralled by something completely invisible to the human eye.

It is not normal for cats to sit in a corner and stare at the walls or other objects. The most common reasons for such behavior are lack of attention, feline hyperesthesia, sharp eyesight, enhanced senses, new pets, or unusual situation. In any case, it鈥檚 necessary to consult a vet and find out the underlying issue individually.

Pet owners, including me, usually get over-anxious for their pets once they start behaving like this, but it is not a huge issue and is permanently curable. So, first of all, don鈥檛 worry!

Maybe these graceful felines love chasing tiny bees or they simply adore looking at moving reflections. Read on to know more about your cat鈥檚 unexplainable gawking at random objects.

The Medical Explanation

Many things can explain why your cat is staring at random objects after running across the house before stopping to stare at a wall. Can it be a medical problem or your cat is sensing paranormal activities going around your house?

Even though it remains true that pets can 鈥渟ense or possibly see鈥 paranormal activities, there is little to no evidence to prove this theory.This is why you should consider the 鈥渕edical鈥 side of things before calling an exorcist from the church )

Even if cats are naturally strong, they may still become sensitive to many influential factors. Most of the time, these 鈥渇actors鈥 may cause them to develop a condition medically known as Feline Hyperesthesia.

WHY Do Cats STARE At The Wall

What causes Hyperesthesia in Cats?

Experts do not have a cause or a cure for hyperesthesia. However, years of research and clinical treatments have given 鈥榗ertain things鈥 as possible causes for this medical condition in cats.

In most cases, hyperesthesia was involved with cats that were experiencing stress and a lack of general 鈥減et-responsibility鈥 from the owner. Additionally, a majority of hyper-esthetic cats that were relocated to pet shelters or a new house also demonstrated symptoms of hyperesthesia.

Normally, feline hyperesthesia happens to cats that have already matured. A cat usually matures between 9-12 months of age.

If you are taking good enough care of your cat, and it has not been relocated recently, there might be several other things that are affecting your cat. Nevertheless, if you notice your cat attacking its tail and pressing down its head on the floor, wall, or furniture, it might be suffering from a dangerous disease.

Mostly, seemingly normal things for us can be too much to take for our pets, like,

  • Nearby construction work
  • Hostile neighbor cats
  • Other pets in the house
  • Being alone
  • Guests
  • New pet food
  • New furniture
  • Cars and Motorbikes
  • Toys
  • Babies
  • Gadgets

Check to see if any of the above things apply to your household and take appropriate steps.

How to check if my Cat has Hyperesthesia?

It is necessary to rule out feline hyperesthesia as a factor to see if your cat has some other issue. These symptoms may include but are not limited to staring at random objects, walls, space, furniture.

Episodic aggressiveness and seizures are also common for cats suffering from feline hyperesthesia syndrome. Most of the time, a cat will keep licking or grooming its tail and back.聽 In severe cases, the frequency of licking and grooming will increase to the point of mutilation or tissue damage.

Unfortunately, there is little to no treatment available for feline hyperesthesia. Feline hyperesthesia does not go away on its own and is likely to persist for the cat鈥檚 entire lifespan. Trial-and-error methods are the normal course of action for many pet-care services to check whether any specific treatment suits your cat.

Rationalizing Unexplainable Feline Stares

An abnormally gazing cat can be scary and even horrifying for some people. However, it can be heartbreaking for their owners. Seeing your fluff-ball in such a condition can break any cat lover鈥檚 heart.

Since you know about feline hyperesthesia, now you need to understand what other things may explain your cat鈥檚 current behaviors.

路聽Your Cat is Special

Have you ever observed some people having enhanced senses of hearing and smell? Well, the same can happen to cats.

Owing to their special ability, they might be able to hear or smell what鈥檚 behind the wall. Maybe you have an astray rodent roaming in your walls or perhaps a stinking intruder. Check to see if you can find some signs of an external intrusion.

If you can trace something, you have nothing to worry about, just let the cat have some fun.

路聽Your Cat has a sharp eyesight

Just as your cat can be special, it can also have an exceptional eyesight. By 鈥渆xceptional鈥 I do not mean great, normal cats have great eyesight, but I actually mean an extraordinary eyesight!

If you can see that your cat is not sitting in front of a specific wall but moving along the walls all-over the house, your fluffball might be after some insect or a shiny particle floodlit by sunlight.

路聽Your Cat might have sensed a Ghost

While I cannot say for sure if your cat can see a supernatural being, I can assume that it might sense it around.

Some paranormal investigators have found that pets, especially dogs and cats, can feel the presence of a ghost. Scientists also know that cats and dogs can see in some spectrums of light where humans can鈥檛, thanks to a recent study.

Therefore, you might want to correlate your cat鈥檚 behavior with anything out-of-the-norm that you might have noticed at your house.

路聽Your Cat might be hearing things that aren鈥檛 visible

Sometimes, the pipes creaking or an insect buzzing behind a wall catch your cat鈥檚 attention. This becomes a quest for your cat when it looks but cannot see the source of that sound. Many times, this may be the reason for your cat to sit in wait in front of a wall for that 鈥渢hing鈥 to come out.

Your Cat isn鈥檛 getting much attention

Cats are like most 鈥済irlfriends and boyfriends鈥, if they can鈥檛 get much of your attention, they start getting self-centered or more rationally put, extremely rude and arrogant.

So, if you haven鈥檛 been able to spend some time with your cat in a while, it may be the reason why your cat鈥檚 trying to get your attention so desperately!

路聽Your Cat might be showing symptoms of a medical condition

As explained earlier, cats who repeatedly stare at a wall may be suffering from feline hyperesthesia.

Be that as it may, hyperesthesia is not the only medical condition that may be the reason for your cat鈥檚 stares. Stress and hypertension can also be one of the key reasons.

! It is better to seek expert medical help if your cat鈥檚 symptoms do not change or worsen with time.

What should You do if your cat keeps staring at a Wall?

I understand that your cat鈥檚 condition might have you on the edge but keeping cool and knowing what to do can improve the situation.

Try and do the following few things and see if it does any good to your cat,

路聽Use a Laser Light

Whenever you see your cat sitting in front of a wall or just staring in the wilderness, point a laser light near it.

Make sure that the cat sees it鈥!

This will divert your cat鈥檚 attention from the wall and take it to the laser pointer. As a cat owner, I have tested and used this method for a long time to keep my cat active and playful. Therefore, out of the experience, I can recommend it as one of the best methods for feline playfulness as well as a diversion from the walls.

路聽Leave them alone

Sometimes, leaving the cat alone is a viable option. Cats like to be on their own when they are stressed or ill, it is not because they hate you but because of their primitive instincts.

Cats can act especially weird when they are sick or undergoing treatment. The problem gets even worse when you own an older aged cat. If you have ruled out complications, leaving them be and giving them time to recover can be the best course of action.

路聽Spend time with your Cats

Cats love attention, yep, even in that state, the only thing your fluff-ball might want can be you. So, holding it in your arms and talking to it might divert its attention. Nevertheless, the owner鈥檚 incessant attention is a cure for many cat disorders and behavioral issues.

Keep in mind that SOMETIMES you should leave your cats alone for your safety. Any extremely angry/aggressive cat may hurt you if you get close. Cat bites and scratches can cause several infections, watch out for those.

路聽New Cats/Pets

Now two cases may perfectly fit in this particular solution,

1.聽 Keep other pets away

If you feel like your cat is behaving like this after you brought a new pet(s) home, you might want to keep them away from your cat as much as possible.

2.聽 Introduce other pets to your cat

Or, you can do the complete opposite and bring some new cats to your household. This will not only give your cat some new friends, but also the instinctual play your cat was lacking earlier.

When is Wall Staring a Problem for You & Your Cat?

If you notice some highly unusual things such as,

  • Self-Mutilation
  • Tail Biting
  • Excessive Grooming
  • Extreme Levels of Aggression
  • Uncontrollable Behaviors
  • Constant Alertness
  • Continual Loss of Appetite
  • Loss in weight
  • Thinned Fur

! It is better to seek veterinary help immediately to ensure that the effects do not cause any permanent damage.

These symptoms, once diagnosed, are mostly incurable for older cats therefore timing is very important. If your cat has all or any one of these symptoms, it should be evaluated by an expert vet at once.

For immediate contact, you can find online vet support here.

A word from the Vet鈥

鈥淯ntil one has loved an animal, a part of one鈥檚 soul remain unawakened .鈥

鈥 Anatole France

It should be noted once more, that Hyperesthesia can sometimes break down a cat. In that condition, your cat may not only be vulnerable to many disorders but may also need your continuous support and care.

The condition is not dangerous in many cases because the disorder doesn鈥檛 develop further after it has set up itself inside the feline. In general, this disorder is acceptable to that extent until it doesn鈥檛 bring about unnecessary self-hostility and self-mutilation that may prompt serious injury.

The objective of treatment is eventually to provide the feline with good life quality and free from inconveniences. The feline should not have seizures or act furiously during any situation. A prescription may not be required if the feline becomes normal only because of petting.


Ruling out complications is the first thing to do for any cat who鈥檚 constantly staring at your walls. Only after that you can rest assured that your cat is not in a serious condition. The situation will be clear after you have your cat properly evaluated by a Vet.

Timing is crucial in this regard, so, make sure you are not wasting anytime at all. Remember that young cats are most likely to recover and survive any conditions such as hyperesthesia. Every cat is different and may require different treatments. Try not to copy another cat鈥檚 treatment even if it was suffering from the same disease.

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WHY Do Cats STARE At The Wall

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