Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick It Up?

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Cats are known for their unique vocalizations. One peculiar sound they sometimes make is a squeak. Many cat owners wonder why their kitties squeak in certain situations. In this article, we will explore the reasons why cats squeak at times and what you can do about it.

Cats may squeak when picked up due to discomfort or pain from improper handling or lack of support.

Why cats make high-pitched noises when you pick them up?

Several factors may cause a cat to make a high-pitched noise when picked up. Improper handling or lack of support while lifting the cat can cause discomfort or even pain. This may cause the cat to squeal as a form of protest.

To pick up a cat correctly, it is important to support the cat’s body by placing one hand under the chest and the other hand gently cradling the hindquarters to provide stability and comfort.

How to pick up a cat the right way

Follow these simple steps for proper cat lifting:

  • Approach gently. To avoid frightening your cat, approach it in a calm and gentle manner. Make sure your kitty can see you before you try to pick it up.
  • Try to help. Place a hand under your cat’s chest to support its front legs and body. This will give your fluff ball a sense of security and balance.
  • Support the backside. Use your other hand to support your cat’s hindquarters. Hold them gently. This will help distribute it’s weight evenly and prevent any discomfort.
  • Pick it up slowly. Lift your feline slowly and steadily, using both hands to support its body. Avoid sudden movements or lifting it too quickly, as this can cause discomfort or anxiety.
  • Hold it close. Once you have lifted your cat, try to keep it close to your body. This helps it feel safe and warm while lifting.


Why do cats squeak when they are happy?

Contrary to popular belief, cats can actually squeak when they are happy or excited. While purr is the most common vocal expression of satisfaction, some cats express their joy by making a distinctive squeak.

This adorable vocalization is often accompanied by playful behavior. For example, a feline may be engaged in interactive play or seeking attention from its owner.

Why cats squeak when they are moved or touched?

Cats may also squeak when they are unexpectedly moved or touched. As with any creature, sudden movement or unexpected touch can startle them.

This may cause them to emit a vocalization that conveys surprise or confusion. Be gentle with your cats, giving them time to get used to any physical contact.

Why cats squeak when they are petted or play

Cats may occasionally squeak when petted or playing. When this happens, the squeaking can indicate either pleasure or overstimulation. Always pay attention to the body language of your feline and react accordingly.

If the cat seems relaxed and engaged, with no signs of distress, the squeak is probably a positive vocalization. If your kitten seems uncomfortable, stop playing or cuddling and give it time to relax.

Why do cats squeak when they jump?

Cats sometimes squeak when they jump. It is because they are excited and full of energy when they jump. Squealing is their way of expressing their excitement and joy of jumping.

So when you hear your cat make that cute squeak when it jumps, it means your kitty is having fun and showing off its agile nature.

Why cats squeak instead of meowing?

Meowing is the most common form of communication in cats, but some cats have special vocalizations, like squeaks. These preferences can be influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, personality, or experiences in their early life.

Each feline has its own unique vocal repertoire. Squeaking is just one of the ways they communicate their needs, emotions, or desires.


Due to different personalities and behaviors, cats can produce a variety of vocalizations, including squeaking sounds.

Squeaking can indicate happiness, discomfort, surprise, or a unique form of communication.

Understanding why a cat squeaks can deepen the bond between cat owners and their furry friends. Provide your cats with a safe and healthy environment by treating them gently and respecting their boundaries.

Happy Cat Care!

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