Why Does My Cat Bring Me Random Things?

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Cats have a unique behavior of bringing various items to their owners, often seen as a gesture of love and gratitude. In this blog post we will find out why cats bring certain things to their owners and how to deal with it when needed.

Cats bring their owners random items to show their love and hunting instinct.

Reasons why cats bring Us things

Felines may occasionally bring us items for a variety of reasons.

But primarily it’s the reflection of their natural behavior to hunt and catch prey. When they bring us certain things, it’s their way of sharing their success with you. It’s may be perceived as a special gift or a sign of affection.

Cats see you as part of their family, and bringing you random things is their way of bonding and expressing their love. So when your cat brings you a random item, treasure it as a symbol of how much it loves you and wants to include you in its hunting process.

What are some common items cats bring?

Cats can bring various items to their owners including toys, prey like mice or insects, and even personal items like socks or hair ties:

Toys. Cats may sometimes bring their favorite toys to engage their owners in play and strengthen the bond between them.
Prey. Some felines may also bring their owners small prey items, such as mice or insects, as a gift and to demonstrate their hunting skills.
Personal items. Kitties may occasionally bring socks, hair ties, or other small items that they associate with their owners, possibly as an act of sharing or an attempt to exchange for treats.

Is this behavior unique to domestic cats?

This behavior is more common in domestic cats due to their close bond with humans. While wild cats may exhibit similar behavior in their natural area, it is not as commonly observed. These gift-giving habits emerged as a result of domestication.

What can I do to stop this behavior?

To discourage this behavior, it is important to redirect your cat’s focus and provide alternative activities to demonstrate its hunting instincts.

Try to choose interactive play options or use appropriate toys to satisfy its natural desire to hunt. You can also provide your cat with mental and physical stimulation.

This can include interactive feeding puzzles, scratching posts, and regular playtime.

Consistency and positive reinforcement can help to discourage the habit of bringing in random items and can redirect a feline’s energy to more appropriate activities.


Cats bring objects to their owners as an expression of love and gratitude. This behavior is more common in domestic cats due to their close bond with humans.

To wean your cat off this habit, redirect it’s focus and provide alternatives to show it’s hunting instincts. Remember to appreciate your fluffy friend with praise, treats, and dedicated playtime to build a harmonious relationship.

Happy Cat-Keeping!

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