🐱 WHY Do Cats PAW at Your FACE and Other Things?

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WHY Do Cats PAW At Your FACE And Other Things

Cats are quirky, little creations housed by millions of people for their pleasant company and their constant bored expressions. They are usually not prone to showing affection or any interest at all, but sometimes you may notice them gently pawing at your face, out of the blue, on a warm Sunday evening, making you feel all giddy inside.

Cats may paw at your face to show their affection most of the time. However, depending on their mood, this pawing may not be limited to just a gesture of love. The feline may be asking for food, to pet him, or perhaps something else.

However, when it comes to pawing, you may observe that these powerful felines tend to paw at anything and everything, which may concern some owners when they are unaware of common cat behavior.

What is Kneading?

Cat kneading is an adorable cat behavior, mostly demonstrated by the back-and-forth motion of your feline’s paws. Some cats tend to purr loudly while indulging in the act of pawing, while some like to do it peacefully.

Read to know more about your cat’s ceaseless pawing at your face/ and other things.

Why Is My Cat Pawing at My Face?

Imagine your fluff ball suddenly kneads at your face when you hold them… It could be a shocker, and you may need to know why they are touching your face so gently and unexpectedly. Here’s why your feline might be pawing at your face.

1. Your Cat is Showing Affection

To give back to your constant head kisses and gentle pats, your furry friend might just be trying to show you the same love and affection you are always giving to them. When they gently paw at your face while you are holding them, it may only be a lovely portrayal of how much they enjoy your company and are thankful to you. You are doing an amazing job at being a cat owner.

2. Your Cat is Scenting You

These graceful felines were created with scent glands in their adorable paws, and they never fail to make use of them everywhere they feel the need to. They are scenting you. As a pet owner myself, I would say you are quite lucky to be marked by an animal that is considered insensitive by many. Your pet is trying to transfer its scent to you; he is simply marking his territory so that any other cat that comes into contact with you knows that you belong to another feline.

3. Your Cat is demanding Food Again!

Your furry friend is probably touching your face while you are drowning in workload or dozing off because he or she needs food. Again, yes. Your cat is starving, and they need to fill their little bellies with food. They can be very affectionate when they are hungry.

4. Your Cat Wants Your Attention

Sometimes, when your fluff ball is extremely bored or playful, they might force you into playing with them by kneading at your face and will even proceed to walk an extra mile by licking it. They demand your immediate attention, and you must give it to them. It is time to stop whatever you are buried in and haul out all his favorite toys.

5. Your Majesty Wants a Place to Rest His Feet

Even though cats are always known to do things with an ulterior motive, at times, they putting their little paws on your face might not mean anything. They just wanted to rest their adorable little feet on your face and then kept doing it because it felt good. Remember, how many times have you dozed off on the couch and kept dozing off because lying in a certain position felt good? That is exactly what your cat might be doing.

6. Your Cat is Testing You

Furry friends, no matter how loving, can take a lot of time to trust and get comfortable with their human. They might put you through little tests until they feel safe and at ease around you. Cats can be quite skeptical of humans, and that is probably the reason why he might be trying to bond with you by seeing how you might react to his paws on your face. If you let him rest his paws there for a little while, he would figure out how you are harmless. Congratulations, you have just unlocked the first level of receiving your furry friend’s affection.

7. Your Cat Wants You to Stop

Think about how you react when your mom showers you with all her hugs and love; you may try to put an end to it because, let’s be honest, there is no end to it. When you are a parent, and you never cease to shower your little furball with kisses and hugs when you hold them, they might want you to put an end to it too. Putting their little feet on your face is their cat’s way of letting you know that it’s time to STOP. They’ve had enough, and they demand their space.

Why Does a Cat Paw at Things?

Here are a few reasons that make a cat paw at different things and methods to stop them.

Why Does My Cat Paw on the Floor?

Frequently, you must have observed your cat pawing at the floor for no reason at all. You might have caught your little fur baby pawing the floor around his food after he is done eating. Here’s everything you need to know about your cat’s ceaseless pawing at the floor.

Your Cat is Storing Food

Cats are wired to store their food for later use. This process of food storage after cats are done consuming their desired amount is called ‘food caching’, commonly observed in big cats. This is just instinctual behavior. Even if your cat has no shortage of food, he still might try to store it instinctively. Pawing the floor around his food bowl or dragging a cloth such as a towel over their food is to hide it from other cats.

Your Cat is Excited

Your furball might be anticipating her food even if there is no food in a food bowl. When it’s time to be fed, and you are just about to feed her, she would paw at the floor around her food bowl in pure excitement. Quite adorable, I know)

Your Cat is Marking His Territory

Sometimes, cats might be pawing at the floor to mark their territory. Even if your cat has lived indoors all his life, he still lacks instinctual feline behavior. He might be pawing at the floor to activate scent glands in his paws to mark your place as HIS place.

Your Cat is Relaxing

Cats need to relax their muscles and keep their claws sharp, and if you do not provide them a place for their casual pawing, they may go for your favorite carpet, and believe me when I say it is not going to be pretty. If your cat keeps shredding your favorite carpet, chances are, he has grown a liking to it, and you must prepare yourself for the unfortunate demise of your lovely carpet.

How to Stop Your Cat from Pawing or Kneading the Floor

Even though Cats pawing and kneading is completely harmless behavior, it might turn ugly if you do not take the measures to stop it before their pawing turns more aggressive and more destructive.

Some ways to control your cat’s endless pawing are:

Make sure to place your cat’s food bowls somewhere away from your carpets or stuff that can easily be damaged or destroyed.

Avoid Being Aggressive

Do not show aggression to your cat for doing something completely normal, it could only worsen the situation, and he may start to act up more than he already is.

Stick Around!

Stick around with your cat while he is stuffing his mouth with food and dispose of or store the remaining food as soon as they’re finished and remove the food bowl to avoid them pawing around it.

Neuter Your Cat

Neutering or spaying your cat is probably the best solution if your cat’s pawing at your carpets and furniture is quickly taking a real, destructive turn. Neutered cats are far less territorial than unneutered ones.

Covering the Targeted Spots

Covering places and furniture where your cat is more likely to paw, or scratch is a great way of discouraging your cat’s destructive behavior. Putting double-sided tape or plastic over that area works just as well.

Distract Your Feline with a Toy

If your cat is destroying your furniture by constantly pawing at it, chances are he is really bored. You could just distract it with a toy. String toys, laser beams, and bouncy balls are guaranteed to serve your purpose.

Why Does My Cat Paw At His Food and Water?

Some cats can often be seen pawing at their food and water bowls. Some tend to pull their food out of their bowl and eat it off of the floor, while some tend to dip their paws into their water bowls and lick the water away. This refusal to eat from their bowls could turn messy really quickly.

Why Does My Cat Paw At His Food?

Usually, when cats refuse to eat from their food bowls and prefer pulling it out to the floor and then consuming it, it is apparently because of the inadequate size of your cat’s feeding bowl.

Your furry friend is doing that to prevent his whiskers from touching the sides of his food bowl. Cats’ whiskers are extremely sensitive. These special sensors present in their whiskers send a signal to the brain whenever they come into contact with something.

The best way to avoid this undesirable habit of your feline, which could easily attract a lot of ants, is to get them bigger food bowls so that they can have access to food without their whiskers touching the sides.

Why Does My Cat Paw at Water?

Cats paw at their water bowls for several reasons, which are given below:

Cats Prefer Running Water

Cats generally prefer running water instead of still water, which is why they dip their paws into their water bowls to try and imitate running water. Running water is more appealing to our fur balls and does not smell like stagnant water.

They Like to Stay on the Safe Side

Cats are sneaky little animals, and one of the reasons why they have been known for their notorious habits is because of their careful approach to everything. They are always suspicious of their surroundings. When a cat dips his paws into his water bowl, he’s most likely to be checking the depth of water and also to escape immediately if the need arises.

Make sure to fix a permanent drinking spot for your cat, and also make sure not to fill the water bowl up to the brim. This might make them feel safer and more secure.

They Like to Play With It

These adorable felines love reflecting and moving surfaces. If you catch your furry friend casually dipping his paws into his water bowl and not licking away the water, your cat is perhaps just playing with it.

Water Bowl’s Shape and Size

If the size of your cat’s water bowl is quite small, that might be the reason why he is more inclined towards dipping his paws in it and then proceeding to lick away the water instead of directly drinking from the bowl. Your pet’s whiskers touching the sides of a bowl too small for him could be a pretty unpleasant experience.

Getting one of those water-drinking fountains is the best way to avoid facing water puddles around your cat’s water bowl every day.

! Important tip:

If you have a cat that usually likes to dip its paws in the water, you must clean the water bowl frequently because while your pet might enjoy getting his paws soaked, he may also transfer dirt, debris, and traces of litter into his drinking water. This builds up bacteria that should be disposed of as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of your cat getting sick.

Why Is My Cat Pawing at Air?

It is not uncommon for cats to raise their tiny little paws in the air and look extremely adorable while doing that. Nevertheless, sometimes your furball does it with a motive and sometimes without. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Cat is Requesting Something

If you are eating something that smells really good and your little fur baby raises his tiny paws in your direction, he is politely requesting you to share whatever it is that you are eating with him. On the contrary, if you are doing something totally ordinary, such as reading your daily newspaper, and your cat does the same adorable little act, your feline demands your attention. It is time to entertain your pet.

Your Cat is Probably Trying to Catch a Fly

Every so often, your cat may leap into the air and raise his paws. Whenever cats engage in such behavior, there is a possibility that they are after a tiny little bee that has caught their attention.

Your Cat is Mesmerized by the Reflections on The Walls

Late at night, if you hear your cat’s constant mewling and have to tolerate his zoomies and constant climbing on top of you to stare at the wall while trying to reach out to catch something, you would want to close your curtains. Reflections of the moving cars outside your house can be shown on the walls of your house for a split second, which is more than enough to catch your feline’s attention.

Your Cat Has a Personality Quirk

Some cats like to frequently paw at thin air for absolutely no reason at all. Like humans, some cats can also have certain quirks that differentiate them from other cats. So, if you spot your little fur baby doing this adorable act quite often, he just can’t help it.

Why Is My Cat Pawing at Windows?

Cats pawing on reflective surfaces is not an uncommon habit for cat owners. The reasons why they might be pawing at your windows are given below.

Your Cat Wants to Go Outside

If your cat catches a glimpse of a tiny insect or an animal on the other side of the window. Pawing at that window could mean one of two things, he is extremely glad for the window to act as a barrier between him and the other animal, or like the possessive animal he is, he might be interested in unleashing his wrath upon the other animal.

Your Cat is Marking His Territory

Cats like to mark their territory on everything, whether that be a human, your furniture, or a window. It is likely that your feline is marking your window as its territory by pawing at it.

Your Cat is Sharpening His Nails

Cats love to take great extensive care of their claws, which is why they love sharpening them. Windows may as well just serve the same purpose.

Your Cat is Stretching

After sleeping for the whole day, your cat might want to stretch a little and relax his muscles. One way he could do just that is by placing both his front paws on the window and giving himself a good yoga stretch.

Measures to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Windows

To keep your cats away from the windows in your house, here is what you must do:

Restrain Approach

You can deny your cats access to windows by placing some kind of furniture in front of the windows so that they struggle to reach it and simply just give up.

Tint Your Windows

Tinting your windows is most definitely the best solution to the endless pawing of your cat on your windows. When your cat struggles to see through it, he wouldn’t want to paw at it since there is nothing there to evoke him.

Keep Your Cat Occupied

Get your feline fun toys and play with him often to make him forget about the reflective surfaces he likes so much. Once your cat is occupied, he will simply forget about pawing at your windows.

Why Is My Cat Pawing at MIRRORS?

Your furry friend pawing at your mirrors is undoubtedly a really pleasant sight, but you would certainly like to know why they might be touching them or producing creaking sounds that can be extremely annoying… That’s why we are giving you a list of the main reasons we’ve recently researched:

Your Cat May Not Recognize His Own Reflection

Little kittens are often taken aback by their own sudden reflection in the mirror. If they’ve never seen one before, it may take them some time to get used to it. Cats can often mistake their own reflection for another feline which may result in them leaping at it or pawing at it as a defense mechanism.

Your Cat May Just Be Curious

Cats love to paw and scratch at anything. Chances are your cat is just super curious to know what a mirror feels like.

Your Cat May Be Seeking Attention

Sometimes cats do weird things to seek their owner’s attention and affection. If you see your cat pawing at mirrors, often, you are not giving enough attention to them.

How to Stop My Cat from Pawing At Mirrors?

To stop your cat from ruining your mirrors, try the following few things.

Cat trees

Cat trees and condos that are specifically built for cat scratching are the best alternatives to put an end to your feline’s pawing at your mirror.

Using Sand Paper or Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Using sandpaper or double-sided tape where your cat frequently scratches is one way to refrain from pawing at your mirror.

Use an Unpleasant Scent

Spraying citrusy scents on your windows are guaranteed to keep your cat at bay since they loathe them.

Contacting the Vet

If your cat is excessively pawing at your mirror, you may want to contact a vet and get him checked. He might need anti-anxiety medicine if the pawing and scratching are getting out of hand.


Quirky and fluffy felines absolutely cherish the feel of pawing at random objects as well as their favorite human. This behavior is nothing to be skeptical about. Your fur ball is most likely to be just fine. On the contrary, if you notice your furry friend aggressively and excessively pawing at almost everything in your house, there might be something he’s trying to tell you, or there might be something that’s bugging him. In order to figure out why your lovely feline is acting up so badly, you must visit your local vet and consult him about your cat’s odd behavior.

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WHY Do Cats PAW At Your FACE And Other Things

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