Interesting Facts

Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

Many cat owners have observed their furry companions engaging in the peculiar behavior of sniffing their eyes. This intriguing action raises questions about why cats exhibit this behavior and what it signifies. Let’s explore the reasons behind this feline fascination with our eyes. Cats smell their owners’ eyes to establish familiarity, express love, show grooming …

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Do cats like heated blankets?

Yes, cats do like heated blankets. Heated blankets provide cozy comfort and mimic the warmth of being nestled against their mother or littermates. They can also provide relief for joint and muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and act as a cozy companion during colder weather. However, it is important to prioritize safety by choosing …

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Can cats walk backwards?

Yes, cats can walk backwards. This manifestation, although rare, is observed in cats. They use their tail to balance and look around through their shoulders to avoid obstacles. Cat walking back can be a symptom of various diseases such as phelinous cognitive dysfunction, phelinosis infectious peritonitis, cat vestibular disease, seizures or poisoning. All breeds of …

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What do cats put in soft drinks?

Actually, cats don’t put anything in soft drinks. However, there are certain myths and imaginative interpretations around cats and soft beverages. It’s crucial to remember that cats shouldn’t drink soda or other sparkling liquids because they can be unhealthy for them. Soft drinks include components that can be harmful to kitties, such as sugar, caffeine, …

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Where do stray cats go when it rains?

When it rains, stray cats face the discomfort of wet fur and the need to find shelter to stay dry. These resourceful cats have a knack for finding places to shelter during rainstorms using their natural instincts.