Where do stray cats go when it rains?

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where stray cats go when rains

When it rains, stray cats face the discomfort of wet fur and the need to find shelter to stay dry. These resourceful cats have a knack for finding places to shelter during rainstorms using their natural instincts.

Stray cats find shelter in many places when it rains, including porches, sheds, trees, and DIY shelters.

In our blog post, we will explore some of the common places street cats seek refuge when it rains and discuss how communities and individuals can help these vulnerable animals.

Popular places where stray cats go to find shelter

Stray cats are often attracted to porches or other covered areas that are close to a building. These areas provide a safe haven from the rain, allowing the cats to stay dry and protected.

Abandoned buildings:
Abandoned buildings or constructions offer isolated places for cats to hide until the rain stops. The nooks and crannies of these structures provide temporary shelter during bad weather.

Street cats may find comfort in sheds or similar structures that provide protection from the rain. The enclosed space provides a dry and safe environment until the storm passes.

Trees and bushes:
Using their natural instincts, cats will seek shelter under trees or in dense brush. The foliage acts as a natural cover, protecting them from the rain and providing a temporary safe area.

Carports and garages:
Outdoor cats often seek shelter under vehicles, in carports or garages to stay dry during rainstorms. These areas offer protection from the elements and are usually visited by cats seeking shelter.

Deserted or hidden areas:
Feral cats may choose to go into hidden areas such as crawl spaces or under abandoned buildings. These remote locations provide a sense of security and protection from the raindrops.

Outdoor Cat Shelters:
In some communities, outdoor cat shelters are specifically designed to provide a roof over your cat’s head. These shelters can be constructed from a variety of materials, including outbuildings, cat carriers, recycling bins, or unused hutches or kennels.

Temporary Shelters:
Caregivers sometimes build temporary shelters for stray cats, such as small tents or covered structures. These portable solutions provide immediate relief during rainy weather.


How can I help stray cats find shelter during rainstorms?

You can help by providing outdoor cat shelters, building DIY cat shelters using plastic containers, insulation and straw, or offering temporary shelters. These initiatives can significantly improve the welfare of street cats during rainy weather.

What else can I do to support stray cats during storms?

Besides providing shelter, food and clean water are essential. Street cats often struggle to find food, so ensuring they have access to food and water during weather extremes can make a big difference.


When rain showers fall, stray cats instinctively seek shelter to protect themselves from wet fur and discomfort. They explore various locations, such as porches, sheds, trees, carports, and even makeshift shelters created by compassionate people.

Providing suitable shelter, food, and water can significantly help these vulnerable animals during rainstorms.

By taking small steps, communities and individuals can make a positive impact on the lives of outdoor cats and contribute to their well-being even during challenging weather conditions.

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