Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

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Many cat owners have observed their furry companions engaging in the peculiar behavior of sniffing their eyes. This intriguing action raises questions about why cats exhibit this behavior and what it signifies. Let’s explore the reasons behind this feline fascination with our eyes.

Cats smell their owners’ eyes to establish familiarity, express love, show grooming instincts, and gather information through their highly developed sense of smell.

Understanding Cat Sensitivity

Cats possess a remarkable sense of smell, thanks in part to their vomeronasal organ. This organ, located in the roof of their mouths, allows them to analyze scents more effectively.

Acknowledging Presence and Expressing Love

One possible explanation for why cats smell their owners’ eyes is to acknowledge their presence. Sniffing helps cats get to know and trust their owners. By sniffing our eyes, cats confirm our existence and establish a connection with us.

Additionally, this behavior can be an expression of love. Cats may perceive our eyes as a unique and comforting scent that brings them closer to us.

Some cats may also show care and comfort to their owners by sniffing tears or nibbling hair. While eye sniffing is generally harmless, precautions should be taken to avoid accidental scratches or bacterial transmission.

If your cat’s behavior changes significantly, or if eye sniffing becomes excessive or annoying, seek veterinary advice.

Gathering Information

Cat’s highly developed sense of smell allow them to collect vital information about their surroundings and other animals.

This remarkable ability allows them to detect scents, identify objects, and effectively navigate through their environment. Felines use scent to mark territory, locate prey, and recognize familiar people, including their owners.

When cats sniff our eyes, they get information about us, including our emotions, health, and even what we’ve been eating. It’s a way for them to understand us better and navigate their environment through scent.

Grooming Instincts and Comfort

Another reason cats engage in eye sniffing is rooted in their grooming instincts. Kittens learn grooming behaviors from their mother, and this includes cleaning the area around their eyes. By imitating this behavior, adult cats may be trying to groom us, showing their care and affection.

Moreover, the salty scent of our eyes may be particularly appealing to cats due to their heightened sensitivity to odors. Sniffing our eyes provides them with a comforting and familiar scent that can help them feel at ease.

Antibacterial Properties and Care

It may come as a surprise, but cats’ saliva actually contains antibacterial properties. When cats lick or sniff our eyes, they are potentially trying to care for us by applying their saliva, which can help keep our eyes clean and free from harmful bacteria.

This instinctual behavior showcases their protective nature towards their human companions.


The act of a cat sniffing their owner’s eyes can be attributed to various factors, such as acknowledging our presence, expressing love, displaying grooming instincts, and seeking comfort through scent.

Cats’ sensitivity to odors and their inherent need to care for us contribute to this unique behavior. While it may seem unusual to us, it is a testament to the deep bond between humans and their feline companions.

So, the next time your cat decides to investigate your eyes, appreciate the love and trust they are showing and enjoy this special moment of feline connection.

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