Can cats have crab rangoon?

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Don’t give cats crab rangoon because it can hurt them. Crab rangoon consists of cream cheese, crab meat, spices, and fried dough. These ingredients are okay for people, but not for cats.

Cream cheese can cause tummy problems in cats because they can’t handle dairy well. It might make them poop a lot or upset their stomachs.

Fried dough has lots of fat, and cats have trouble digesting fatty foods. Eating too much fat can cause a painful problem in their pancreas called pancreatitis.

Some spices in crab rangoon, like garlic or onion powder, are bad for cats. They can damage their blood cells and cause a sickness called hemolytic anemia.

To keep cats safe, it’s best to avoid giving them crab rangoon. Stick to their regular food that’s made just for them. If you want to give them a treat, find snacks that are safe for cats or ask a vet for suggestions.

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