Can cats eat rotisserie chicken?

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Feeding rotisserie chicken to cats can be tempting. But it’s important to know the risks. Be sure to remove the skin and bones, avoid harmful additives, cook it well, and control the portion size.

A well-balanced diet for your cat is very important. Rotisserie chicken is an occasional treat, not a replacement. Too much of it can lead to a nutritional imbalance.

Rotisserie chicken can be harmful. The fatty skin can cause digestive problems and weight gain. Cooked bones are dangerous and can harm a cat’s digestion. Seasonings such as spices, onion, or garlic are toxic. Undercooked chicken may contain harmful bacteria.

If you are unsure, consult a veterinarian. They can give you advice about your cat’s needs.

Put your cat’s well-being first. Keep your cat healthy and happy by eating a balanced diet and being aware of the potential dangers of rotisserie chicken.

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