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blonde cat

If you are the owner of an unusually colored cat, you probably get lots of comments on their fur. One of the least common colors out there is blonde. Blonde cats are generally referred to as other colors by those in the know.

Biologically, there is no such thing as a blonde cat. While you may have seen a cat that appears to have blonde fur, this will actually be a shade of red. There are cats who have fur that looks like blonde, though these are not prevalent within the feline population.

When it comes to breed descriptions, cat fanciers and breed clubs don’t use the word ‘blonde’. They may instead use words such as cream, gold, peach and caramel.

Why are there no blonde cats?

Speaking  literally, all cats are black, red, white or some combination of these colors. While this can be hard to comprehend when we consider all of the patterns and coat colors that exist, we need to realize that there are a huge number of color potentials and combinations, even within these 3 colors. From diluting or mixing red, white and black we can get ginger, brown, calico and even tabby cats.

Blonde cats, unlike blonde humans, do not exist. However, as we can see very light red cats and cats who are a mixture of white and red, colors that appear blonde can occur within a cat’s coat.

What are blonde cats called?

When it comes to the breed standard of a cat, the description of the coat color is always very specific. Blonde is not a term used, but we can have lots of similar shades including cream, gold, caramel, fawn and champagne.

Blonde is simply a fair or pale yellow. As yellow is a primary color, it cannot be created from other colors. So, while we can get close by combining red, white and black, the fur will never be truly blonde.

Blonde Cat Breeds

When looking for a cat that has fur similar to the color blonde, which cat breeds should we be looking at? Check out these ‘blonde-ish cats’:

  • Flame point Siamese
  • Cream Ragdoll
  • Golden or cream Norwegian Forest
  • Cream or Cream Cameo Persian
  • Champagne, Cream, Cinnamon or Platinum Burmese
  • Cream Maine Coon
  • Cream American Short Hair
  • Tan Domestic Short Hair

While these cats may not be technically termed as ‘blonde’, they do have that fair and light fur color that many owners desire. With shades ranging from champagne to tan, there are lots of different types of blondes within the feline community.

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Of course, given all of the variety in the cat world, it is also possible to have blonde coat colors in combination with other colors and shades. We can see blonde shades occurring with various patterns including  tabby, spotted and brindle.

Are blonde cats short or long haired?

Blonde cats can have short, medium or long fur. Some of the shorter furred varieties include the American Short Hair and the Flame Point Siamese. Conversely, the cream Maine Coon has a long and shaggy coat.

In the summer months, fur color can fade a few shades, especially for outdoor cats. In longer-furred individuals, this can be seen as ‘blonde highlights’, with the lighter fur being more visible on the tips of the fur, which get more sun exposure.

Are blonde cats male or female?

As the color gene is carried on the X chromosome, sex and color can be closely linked. The best example of this is a calico cat, or one that is tri-color (red, black and white). Almost all calico cats are female as an XY male cannot have a tri-color coat, due to how this color is inherited.

Blonde cats can be either male or female. However, diluted or pale ginger blondes (also called strawberry blondes) are more likely to be females. This is because female cats require two copies of the ginger gene, one on each X chromosome. However, male cats only require one copy of the gene.

What are the most common blonde cat names?

Cat names vary depending on where you are in the world. They change with time and are influenced by trends including current movie stars, politicians and even local royalty. However, since we began naming our pet cats, we would turn to their fur color for inspiration.

Some of the most common blonde cat names include:

  • Sandy
  • Custard
  • Caramel
  • Goldie
  • Almond
  • Phoenix
  • Lion
  • Simba
  • Nala
  • Fudge
  • Hazel
  • Elsa
  • Macadamia
  • Waffles
  • Autumn
  • Buttercup
  • Summer… and many others.

How much does a blonde cat cost?

The price of a cat varies hugely and this is true whatever their color. Many kittens and cats are available free of charge from local rescue and rehoming centers. This is especially true of blonde cats who are not pedigrees.

Pedigree blondes can demand a high price and, as blonde shades are quite rare, we can be talking about $800-2,000 for a kitten.

Medical issues of Blonde Cats

When a cat is blonde, they will tend to have pale skin. Very light blonde cats are more prone to sun damage and even skin cancer. These crusting lesions are usually seen on the cat’s ear tips and face.

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To keep your cats safe, you should minimize sunbathing time during summer and consider the use of cat-safe sun cream. Remember, cats can even burn when indoors through the window. So, be careful!


What are the most common cat colors?

The most common cat colors today are black, brown and tabby. Sadly, black cats are seen as so unremarkable that they are the hardest to rehome and many abandoned or stray black cats never find a family to adopt them.

What is the rarest /least common color of cat?

As the chocolate coat color is recessive, it occurs much less in nature. However, in certain parts of the world, even chocolate coats aren’t that rare due to intensive breeding.

Are white colored cats rare?

White cats are somewhat rare as, for them to be white, they must not have genes for any other coat color. Many cats who appear completely white will actually have some pigment on their coat.

Are all white cats deaf?

It is more likely that a white cat is deaf due to their lack of melanin and melanocytes. Most white cats are not deaf, though the risk increases if the cat also has blue eyes.

Do purple/pink cats exist?

You may have heard of a ‘lilac’ or ‘lavender’ cat, but these are more of a shade of grey than pink or purple. These are some of the rarest coat colors there are.

Do red cats exist?

Yes, red cats exist and may be called something else such as ‘marmalade’ or ‘ginger’. These cats are not especially rare and one of the best known is a fictional cat called ‘Garfield’!

What are yellow cats?

Yellow is not a color that occurs naturally in cats. However, we see a range of red and orange shades.

Is there a blue cat?

We may describe a cat as ‘blue’ but this is a shade of grey rather than the same blue we might see in a sunny sky! The Siamese, Tonkinese and Balinese are some examples of breeds that can be blue.

Are chocolate brown cats rare?

Yes, due to the recessive nature of the gene, chocolate cats are quite rare. The ‘Havana Brown’ is the best known brown cat there is.

Are Tabico cats rare?

A Tabico is a Tabby Calico cat and they are not seen commonly. They can be any domestic breed of cat as Tabico is a coat color and pattern rather than a breed specific phenotype.

Are gray cats common?

Grey is a diluted form of black and it is not especially uncommon in our furry friends. As it is an attractive color, many breeders specifically choose to breed their cats to produce gray kittens.


There is a lot more to a cat’s coat color than one may first assume. This is a complex area with plenty of nuances and exceptions. For breeders, this is a big business, especially as the public will pay more for certain shades.

While no-one in the cat world would ever describe a cat as ‘blonde’, there are many cats with fair or light gold fur.

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