🐱 [7 Tricks] to Help Your Cat and Dog to Get Along

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cat walking together with a dog

Pets are becoming more than just furry fellows. Many pet lovers consider cats and dogs part of their family now. People with an equal desire for a cat and dog always show concern if both pets get along. 

We understand that there is no unequal sentiment of love for your pet. From choosing the best cavapoo haircut for your dog to giving your cat a royal treatment, you are all set to provide your pets with a pawfect-friendly environment. 

Cats and Dogs- A Perfect Pair? 

The answer will not be easy. Usually, dogs are considered an enemy of cats and vice-versa. Yet, it is normal for pet lovers to have both cats and dogs as pets with few attentive considerations. 

Although there are some apparent dissimilarities between the personalities, the story does not end there. If you have finally decided on adding a dog to your family with a cat, then you must know “what to expect?”. 

Usually, it is difficult for cat owners to help their cats to get along with a new dog pet. The adjustments are considered complex because of their distinct needs and behaviors. 

Cats, due to their size, can be more vulnerable. Usually, small cats show engaging behaviors by running around and trying to play. So, they do not always show signs of fear towards dogs. But it is crucial to watch out for your tiny kitten because a gigantic dog can end up hurting cats even when trying to play. 

On the other hand, having an adult cat with a puppy can be a different case. Most adult-cats tend to get along with puppies because they find them small and harmless. Yet, it is usually advised to keep both pets apart when you are not watching them. 

Several things can describe the relationship between a dog and your cat:

  • If the dog has lived with a cat before then, it is most probable that the journey of companionship goes easy. 
  • Cats react to different dogs in many different ways. So, there is a possibility that your cat will need some time for suitable adjustments. 
  • If your cat is very young and has never been around other animals, then it is more likely that it will love to be around a companion such as a dog. For old cats, the case might be the other way around. 
  • Cats with a territorial personality might dislike sharing space with a new dog. It is always wise to take things slow with your cat.

We believe that the usual social concepts should never discourage a pet lover from trying something new. It is a real thing to hesitate before having a dog with your cat under the same roof but it’s not impossible to make this family dream come true. Two pets of different species can coexist and even become best buddies if introduced through the best techniques. 

Ways to Help your Cat get Along with your Dog

cat sitting near a dog

You have some idea about what to expect from your plan to have a dog pet with your kitten. It’s time to move on to some “Dos and Don’ts” to help your cat and dog get along. 

1. Start from scratch!

Helping your cat get along with your dog should always begin with the introduction. If you don’t want your home to become a battleground for your pets, then you must go slow. Unleashing the dog to meet your cat will always be a disaster. 

So, in the beginning, it is advisable to protect their spaces from each other. Your controlled environment for the introduction will help both your furry companions get ready for a new friend in the house!

2. Notice the Differences

Understandably, you will not be able to comprehend the noticeable differences in personality between your pets initially; This is why a certain amount of time is required to let your cat freely be near the dog. During the time of initial slow introduction, you can understand what is good and bad for developing a relationship between those munchkins. 

3. Providing Convenience

Speaking of convenience, you must keep your cat’s toys, food tray, litter, etc. in its room. We all know how cats can quickly become possessive of their stuff and react violently against other animals, even if it’s a dog. To avoid such harmful incidents, it is clever to help your cat stay happy in its own space.

Also, providing a convenient space means letting your cat and dog accept each other through the scents. During this process, they get used to each other’s presence. You can do it by simply exchanging bedding or wiping a towel over your cat and putting it next to your dog. Through such techniques, you let your pets find their way toward friendship and comfort with each other, which comes with convenience. 

4. Set the Rules

Know that you are the boss! Many cat owners who bring a dog into the house are always advised to be careful about the dog’s training. Cats can be highly vulnerable when engaged with dogs, especially during the chasing and running session around the house. It is a piece of expert advice not to let your dog chase the cat. 

To achieve safety for your cat, you must know how to get along with your dog well. Basic commands like “sit,” “stand,” and “down” should work on your dog. This bond of trust can help you provide safety to both pets. 

5. Safe Spot is a must!

Speaking of safety for your cat, the best thing to do is to prepare safety spots in different parts of the house. It is true that dogs can be furious towards cats and might try to hurt them during the initial days. Safe spots can help your tom to run and hide in times of danger. 

Build these spaces in a way that they are inaccessible to your dog. The safe spots can be on top of the fridge, window perch, or shelves. Keep empty spaces in these areas, so your pet cat feels safe and loved by its owner. 

6. Baby Gate for your Cat

It is usual for dogs to get excited when they see a cat. On the other hand, cats do not react the same way when they first see a dog. The overreaction of a dog can cause discomfort and uneasiness in your cat. To help your cat feel comfortable, it is essential to provide a baby gate. 

A baby gate helps your cat with desensitization. It means your cat gets separate space from your dog. Through this technique, your dog can see your cat from a distance and become customary in the presence of the cat, which lowers the overreactive behavior. 

7. Avoid Forced Friendship

Most pet lovers force their pets to get along better, which is not a good idea. Cats and dogs are two very different species, and clashes are completely logical at first. If your cat wants to keep the distance and run from your dog, let it be and have more time.

Giving your cat safety and security during the “getting along” process does not mean you ignore the insecurities or emotional needs of your pet dog. It is always best to keep the environment positive and loving for your cat and the dog. On top of it, never scold your dog for going near your cat because this can develop a feeling of jealousy and hatred towards your cat. 

What else? 

Besides taking care of how your cat operates, it is also essential to choose a suitable kind of dog as a companion. Different breeds of dogs have different characteristics when getting along with other animals. Keeping these few considerations in mind can help you build that dream-like family with your lovely pets:

  • Age: Age is a significant factor. Remember that a considerable age gap between your cat and the new dog can be challenging. Your cat and dog can grow up together as best friends!
  • Who’s new: It doesn’t matter who came first as long as your current pet is ready for a companion from a different specie; It is all about planning!
  • Compatibility: The matter of compatibility is regarding the personalities. A playful dog is suitable for your social kitty. But if it is not the case, you must be ready to find the best-suited dog for your kitty. The level of active behavior of your cat will determine how it will react and get along with your dog. 


It is not always “a long way to go” when you have done your homework and know how to become the best pet parents. Your cat will require time and preparation to get along with your new pet dog. You will need to give extra love and care as pet parents to help your lovely pets become the family you have always wished for.

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Happy Cat Care!

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