🐱 Does Vinegar Stop Cats From Pooping?

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does vinegar stop cats from pooping

You have probably faced the situation when your cat poops in an unintended place.
You may be wondering: How do I keep my cat from going everywhere? And which cat repellents are most effective?

Let’s find out what can cause this cat behavior and how to stop it.

What sprays and smells deter cats?

To wean a cat from pooping in the wrong places, you can use special products available at the vet or pet store.These are sprays or liquids that contain cat repellent ingredients.

Natural Cat repellents and oils

Natural repellents are an effective and safe way to keep cats away from specific areas of your home.

Felines don’t like the smell of citrus fruits (lemon or orange) or essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, or bergamot.

Please note! Before giving your cat a repellent, always check for possible allergic reactions and start with one drop.

Other traditional remedies, such as, iodine and garlic, have scents that can frighten or irritate cats. Applying these to specific areas may teach the cat to go to the litter box and not around the house.

Do not use too much to avoid harming your cat.

Special cat sprays are also available to discourage pets from using places other than the litter box. They are veterinarian approved and not harmful.

Consider using liquid cat pheromones. It is important that the carpet or floor cleaner you use completely eliminates the cat smell. Otherwise, it may return and leave its mark again.

Vinegar and Chlorine for cats

Many veterinarians recommend limiting the use of undiluted vinegar as one of the most popular home repellents for cats.

Vinegar is unpleasant to cats, but can cause intolerance in the form of allergic reactions and digestive upset if swallowed.

Important! Never use concentrated vinegar essence to wean a cat from inappropriate behavior. It can cause stomach burns or even death if inhaled or licked from the surface.

If you ever decide to try the vinegar method, be sure to dilute the vinegar in water before you wipe down the surface.

Chlorine is a fairly aggressive disinfectant and is also not recommended for use around cats to avoid adverse effects.

Instead of using irritating products, try natural repellents or professional sprays to keep your cat healthy.

does vinegar stop cats from pooping peeing

How Should I Use Cat Repellents?

To wean your cat from pooping or peeing in inappropriate places, try following these recommendations:

  • Place scented cotton balls, candles, citrus or essential oil diffusers in undesirable areas.
  • Wipe down certain areas with lemon juice.
  • Place orange peels in the places a cat has chosen to use as a litter box.
  • Use natural scents or professional cat repelling sprays that scare it away.

Why Cats Go to the Toilet in the Wrong Place?

There are many reasons why your pet may refuse to go to the litter box. Here are some of the most common ones:

Inappropriate Litter box

Cats may refuse to use litter boxes when they are too small, or when they do not like how litter looks or smells.

Preferably, a litter box should be large enough and located in a place that is comfortable for your cat, such as a quiet, private corner. Try to choose a neutral litter with no strong smell and a medium texture.

In addition, if the litter box is not cleaned and emptied, the cat, being a very neat animal, will look for other locations.

Health Issues

If something is bothering your feline while it is using the litter box (such as difficulty defecating), it may look for places that are not associated with discomfort.

Your kitty may also be hungry or thirsty. If a pet is not fed on time, it may become anxious and go to the toilet wherever it can. This signals a problem and attracts attention.

Stress or Anxiety

A cat may become anxious and stressed when there is a sudden change in her environment. This may be due to new furniture, moving to another house, or getting a new pet.

Period of Adolescence

Cats often go to the bathroom when they reach puberty and it can be very difficult to wean them off this habit. Spaying or neutering may be the only solution.

Lack of Training

Often cats do not use the toilet properly because they were not trained as kittens. Kitties adopted from the street sometimes don’t know what a litter box is and find their toilets in different places.

does vinegar stop cats from pooping

How to Teach cats not to poop in The wrong places

Here are the basic ways to teach your kitty to poop in its own litter box:

  • Try to place the litter box in the area the cat has chosen to use as a toilet.
  • Clean the litter box regularly and make sure your cat likes the smell and type of litter you use.         
  • If the cat keeps pooping or peeing in the wrong places, pay attention to its feeding schedule. Try to give it food and water at certain times of the day. This way, your feline won’t get too nervous.            
  • Keep an eye on your pet. If it has difficulty going to the litter box, meows excessively, or looks dull and weak, consult your veterinarian to check for health problems.                                                      
  • Avoid stressful situations and sudden changes in environment. Use games or special calming pills to reduce your cat’s anxiety.                                     
  • Praise your fluffy cat for using the litter box. Give your cat a treat to encourage this behavior. Rewards and treats help your feline understand that it’s better to poop or pee in its own litter box.   
  • Place a bowl where your cat used to poop. Normally, clean cats do not poop where they are fed.                                                              
  • Move the litter box to a place where your cat has pooped before, so it gets used to the toilet. Then move the litter box back to where you put it.            
  • Give your cat enough attention and play with it. This way he won’t feel lonely and stressed out.
  • Remove any objects that might attract the cat to go to the toilet in the wrong places.
  • Put up barriers around the unsuitable area, so that the cat can’t reach it.                                          
  • If the feline marks territory, it produces ferment that leaves an odor. In such cases, you can wipe its neck with a towel and clean the areas where the cat left the markings so that it can smell its own scent. This will prevent your pet from urinating or pooping in the unsuitable area.                                                        
  • If you adopted a cat from the street, train it to use the toilet gradually, showing love and understanding.
  • Keep track of when your pet usually poops. This usually happens after sleeping or eating.

If the above methods don’t work, you can seek help from a vet or cat behaviorist.

It’s important to remember that weaning a cat from going to the toilet in the unsuitable places always take time and patience.


How do I stop my cat from pooping on the bed?

If your cat is pooping or peeing on the bed, it needs special attention. To wean your pet off this unpleasant habit, you need to act quickly and use a water sprayer. As soon as you see that your feline is about to poop or pee, you need to spray it immediately. Repeat this process this several times and your kitty will stop using your bed as a toilet.

How to stop a cat from pooping in flowerpots?

Some pets may become accustomed to using a flowerpot as a toilet, which can cause plants to die.

However, the following techniques can help wean your pet off this habit:

  • Place a piece of lemon near the flowers to distract the pet;
  • Place bags on the windowsills to make them slippery and prevent access to the pot;
  • Place a mini fence on the window sill;
  • Put toothpicks or matches in the ground near plants;

Cats often choose a rug as their litter box. In this case, the carpet must be thoroughly cleaned and the smell removed.
You can use a natural dry cleaner or safe disinfectant. Sprays and essential oils (orange, bergamot, etc.) can also be effective.

Can I retrain my adult cat?

The same methods described above can be used to wean an adult cat from pooping or peeing inappropriately. However, it may take more time and effort with mature pets.


If your cat starts to poop or pee all over the place, you need to determine the cause of this inappropriate behavior.

Cats stop using their litter boxes as toilets for many reasons, from behavioral issues to serious health problems.

It is quite realistic to change the habits of a cat, even an adult one. In this case, however, it may take a little more time and patience.

There are several techniques to prevent your fluff ball from these bad habits.

You can use different types of cat repellents to keep your feline going to the toilet wherever it wants.

Try natural repellents like citrus fruits or essential oils.

There are also special cat sprays that are a completely safe alternative to any home repellents. These can be purchased at any veterinarian or pet store.

Avoid or limit the use of products with harsh chemicals or strong scents (such as undiluted vinegar or chlorine). They may be toxic and could harm your cat.

Instead of punishing your cat, treat it with love and patience. This is the best way to change any unwanted habit quickly and effectively.

Don’t forget to test any product before use. It may cause an allergic reaction on your fur ball. So always start with a small dose.

Please see your vet for individual advice if the above tips do not help.

Happy Cat Care!

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