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can cats breathe under blankets

There is nothing better than sleeping together with your cat – sharing the same bed and the same blanket.

However, many cat parents are concerned about their cats’ abilities to breathe under the blankets. How do they breathe? Cats can breathe under blankets the same way you can – standard blankets are made of breathable fabrics. Therefore, it is perfectly safe to let your adult cat sleep under the blanket. In case you have a kitten, the situation is also safe but you will need to practice frequent checkups.

In this article we will answer some popular questions regarding the cat’s abilities to breathe under blankets and their unusual love of spending time under them.

Why does my cat like being under blankets to sleep with me?

There are several reasons why cats love blankets – from safety through warmth to comfort.

However, the most basic reason why cats like being under blankets and other covers is because the warmth the blanket provides soothes them and makes them feel comfortable. Cats are notorious for their love of heat. Cats are also known for their love of burrowing into blankets and covers because they have strong denning instincts.

Cats can be very affectionate creatures especially if raised to be friendly. If your cat has her own comfortable and nice cat bed and still snuggles with you under your blanket it means she really likes and wants to cuddle with you.

The pros and cons of sleeping together with your cat

There are both pros and cons to the idea of sharing the bed with your cat.

The pros of sleeping together include:

  • Relaxation promotion
  • Stress relief
  • Strengthening the mutual bond
  • Faster falling asleep.

There are also some cons and they include:

  • Disrupted sleep (especially if your cat likes running around between naps)
  • Asthma and allergies (this is applicable only if you suffer from allergies or have asthma)
  • Exposure to infections (and parasites)
  • Introduction to litter box debris. – please avoid word repetition

Basically, all risks can be avoided or minimized if you keep your cat up-to-date on her vaccines and de-wormers.

Can (newborn) kittens suffocate under blankets? What about adult cats?

Suffocating under normal woven blankets is impossible because the fabric is breathable. And most cover fabrics are also porous.

You can even check the breathability of a blanket by covering yourself over the head. While it is true that the air quality is not the same, the conditions are far from suffocating.

Cats have very strong self-preservation instincts. If something makes them feel uncomfortable they will act and change the situation.

The same concept applies for the breathing under a blanket situation. If your cat starts feeling there is not enough air under the blanket, she will switch position and come out. You should not be concerned about your cat suffocating under blanket.

Let your cat sleep under the covers for as long as she feels comfortable. Cats are not good at hiding their discomfort and dislike.

However, while you and your adult cat cannot suffocate under the blanket, things are a bit more complicated about newborns and kittens. In these categories, the instincts are not so strong and the responses are not very efficient.

Therefore, if your particularly young kitten is spending time under the blanket you should be extra careful and check on it from time to time.

Why do cats hide or “burrow” themselves under blankets or covers?

Although domesticated, cats are true to their ancestral instincts. In the wild, they are both prey and predators.

Hiding or burrowing under blankets or covers gives them a safe and secure place (in case they are the prey) and a secluded dark spot where they can patiently wait until attack (in case they are the predator).

Do cats like to snuggle, play, snooze, and sleep under blankets?

Yes, cats like to do anything under blankets, from simple sleeping or snoozing to playing and cuddling. Almost every activity you can imagine, your cat likes doing it under sheets.

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This is because cats love the warmth and security of the blankets –synonyms?. However, there is one more reason – they are nocturnal animals and like being active in the dark. Cats have keen eyesight and do not depend on light for making subtle observation.

Can I retrain my feline from sleeping with me?

If the reason you are considering retraining is your cat’s safety forget all about it – your cat is perfectly safe while sleeping with you, regardless of her sleeping position and location (on or under blankets).

However, if you have a medical issue which can be aggravated by your cat’s presence, then you should definitely limit your cat’s access to the bedroom.

Your cat might scratch at the door for the few first nights but soon she will learn her bed is not inside your bedroom. Anyway, keep in mind that you need to provide your cat with a comfortable cat bed.


Why does my cat sleep on my blanket?

There are two possible options – your cat knows what is good and the sheets and blankets are definitely comfortable and cozy or your cat misses your presence and likes sleeping on your blanket because it smells like you.

Can cats hide under pillows?

Yes, cats often sit under pillows. They are not actually hiding but – simply sleeping or sitting. This is because cats love warmth and being under a pillow is really warming and cozy.

How can I make sure my cat is safe while sleeping with me?

Your cat’s self-preservation instinct is enough to ensure her safety while sleeping with you. If you toss around too much while sleeping or your cat feels in any way threatened by your presence in the bed, she will leave the bed and head towards her own bed or a furniture piece she likes and finds comfortable.


Contrary to popular belief, sleeping or spending time under the blanket is perfectly safe for your cat and there is no concern for suffocating. However, if you have a small kitten you might need to limit its time under the blanket or frequently monitor what it is doing because young kittens respond to threats more slowly than adults.

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How Cats Can Breathe Under Blankets, Covers

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